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Hello, I am Fazeela Ashfak, I help my clients build a strong online brand, drive growth and leads and focus on strategies with the latest digital marketing trends and tools to succeed and craft a digital identity that truly connects with their target audience.

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Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut

Hello, I am fazeela a Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut. I have an engineering background, and after my marriage, I restarted my career and stepped into digital marketing.

I believe in a comprehensive move towards digital marketing. it’s not just about increasing website traffic. It’s about connecting with audiences, building a strong brand and driving conversation.

The Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut’s goal is to create a specially made strategy from SEO and social media marketing to data-driven analytics and optimize websites to higher rankings on SERPs drive organic traffic apply advanced techniques and increase growth and leads.

I am very proud to collaborate with the digital growth of our local business and excited to be a part of digital transformation.

Services  provide Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut

Web development

Web development is an exciting journey into the world of creating and maintaining weebsites.Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut handle every aspect of your project,from concept to deployment,delivering a complete and seamless web solution


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerhouse of marketing .It is the tool drive traffic to your websit. Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut builds strategy in SEO. This is a long-term strategy and efforts produce high-quality results that continue to produce results year after year.

social media marketing

I believe in the power of strategic social media marketing to connect businesses  with their target audience. Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut approach combines creativity,data analysis,and a deep understanding of various social media platform

Google Ads

Boost your business with expertly managed Google Ads campaigns by a digital marketing specialist in calicut. Tailored strategies ensure targeted reach,maximizing your ROI.From keyword research to ad creation and performance analysis,achieve higher visibility and increased conversations.

Meta Ads

Elevate your business with expertly managed Meta Ads by digital marketing specialist in calicut.Harness the power of facebook and instagram to reach targeted audiences,boost engagement,and drive conversations.let’s grow your brand together.

Whatsapp Marketing

Leverage the power of whatsapp marketing with a digital marketing specialist in calicut.Engage your audience through personalized messages,updates,and promotions directly on their phones.Enhance customer relationships,boost sales and ensure high engagement rates.

How  Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut driving digital success?

Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut build success through strategies such as SEO, and social media marketing and increase online visibility through campaigns, engage with local audience and generate leads.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) plays a vital role in digital marketing. Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut optimizes online content ensuring it aligns with search engine algorithms and local relevance. This strategic move business leads to peak positions in search results, increasing visibility and attracting organic traffic.

Social media management is another key platform like Facebook and Instagram. Discotest has ability to integrate various strategies and focus on the latest digital marketing trends and tools.


“I sincerely appreciate her work. I had a good experience with her and highly recommended for any seeking impactful digital marketing solutions”

Lubana Kareem

Web developer

“It was a great experience with Fazeela.Her strategic approach and innovative ideas  resulting in increased engagement and revenue”


Digital marketing strategist

“I worked with Fazeela for the branding website and digital marketing.her work is awesome. I had a good experience with her and recommend highly”


Digital marketer

My Blogs

Elevating digital marketing landscape with Seo

Elevating digital marketing landscape with Seo

SEO has played a big role in the website’s ranking and reaching its target audience in digital marketing. My advanced SEO strategies drive traffic to your websites, right to leads that can accelerate your business. The content in the SEO is a very important factor....

top 10 trends in digital marketing in 2024

top 10 trends in digital marketing in 2024

The digital landscape is a constantly changing platform, and staying on top of the curve in marketing requires flexibility and awareness. As we navigate 2024, expect to see exciting new trends reshape the way we engage audiences and build brands online. Here are the...

The Science and Evolution of Digital Marketing

The Science and Evolution of Digital Marketing

The First Seeds of Digital Marketing The term digital marketing was first used in the 1990’s. The discovery of the internet leads to the coming up of digital.web 1.0 is the first platform for finding information, but it doesn't allow sharing information outside of the...

Recently asked questions.

1.What is digital marketing? How it does differ from traditional marketing?

Digital Marketing is also called online is the technologies to promote and advertise products or services.It differs from traditional marketing because it connects with customers by using the internet and other digital communications platforms like websites,social media,search engine,email and focus on strategies to reach target audience.

2.What is digital marketing strategy?

                 A digital marketing strategy is a plan for how the company will establish an internet presence through various online channels.The goal of the marketing strategy is to increase your online visibility to reach more members of your target audience and encourage them to become paying customers.

3.What are the future opportunities in digital marketing?

The future opportunities of digital marketing are bright and exciting possibilities, driven by technologies and ever-changing consumer behaviours. The world is on the internet day by day it is increasing. from social media to Google searches with the change of lifestyle. Businesses can use the latest trends and powerful tools to engage their target audience in digital marketing. It can supply products to customers faster. Everything is digitized and fully automated in the days to come.

4.What role does SEO plays in digital marketing?

SEO(search engine optimisation) increases visibility and helps a website rank in the higher position in Search Engine Results pages(SERP)s with relevant keywords and phrases. This helps people easily find our websites when they search any products,services, or information related our business.seo bots crawl the information and store by indexing and can increase website traffic leading to more potential customers and leads.SEO also cost effective compared to paid advertising.its not a quick process ,but it can deliver long term brings consistent in organic SEO is an essential part of digital marketing strategy.

5.How can understand the growth of business in digital marketing analytics

Digital marketing analytics are like a treasure map of online marketing. They provide crucial insights and valuable data and also help to a detailed picture of our target audience and understand their interests. This knowledge helps our new  growth opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. Analytics tracks the performance of campaigns in real time. also, identify what is working or not and also know which keywords drive traffic.

Why I choose Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut?

I have chosen to begin on a professional journey as a Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut. This decision is not only a career choice; it is a commitment to be part of a dynamic and growing digital landscape that is transforming the business world at an wondering.

Calicut, historically known for its rich maritime trade and cultural heritage, is now emerging as a digital hub, propelling itself into the forefront of the digital revolution.

The city’s rapid technological development   makes it an ideal location for a career in digital marketing.

One of the key reasons I am drawn to becoming a Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut is the city’s developing digital ecosystem. There are many startups, small and medium enterprises, and established businesses, Calicut is witnessing a digital growth.

Companies are understanding the  importance of online presence establishing in global market to stay competitive.

As a digital marketing professional, I would like to be at the top of this transformative wave, helping businesses navigate the digital landscape and reach their target audience effectively.

The city provides an excellent breeding ground for innovation and creativity, with numerous coworking spaces, incubators, and networking events.

Being part of such an environment is not just about a job; it’s about being immersed in a culture that fosters growth, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I am offering  my skills to help businesses thrive in the digital marketing.

Calicut is also home to a diverse and tech-savvy population, which is increasingly becoming digitally connected. The city’s embrace of technology is evident in the widespread use of smartphones and social media platforms. This digital literacy among the population opens up immense opportunities for a Digital Marketing Specialist to create impactful online campaigns that engage and resonate with the target audience.

Furthermore, Calicut’s strategic geographical location makes it a gateway to the global market. Being well-connected to major cities and having a thriving seaport, the city offers a strategic advantage for businesses looking to expand their digital footprint beyond regional boundaries.

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I am excited about the prospect of working in an environment that allows me to think globally while acting locally.

Choosing to be a Digital Marketing Specialist in Calicut is not just a career decision; it is a strategic move towards being part of a burgeoning digital ecosystem that combines innovation, cultural richness, and global connectivity.

Calicut’s transformation into a digital hub provides an exciting canvas for digital marketers to craft strategies that not only drive business success but also contribute to the city’s evolution in the digital age. I am eager to be a part of this transformative journey, leveraging my skills to make a meaningful impact on businesses and contributing to the digital renaissance of Calicut.

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